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Mission statement

The Solihull Society is committed to the enjoyment, sharing of goodwill, and fellowship engendered by owing a Land Rover or other four wheel-drive vehicle to engage in social, educational, and recreational activities which adhere to the Tread Lightly principles. The Club is also committed to supporting Civic activities for the betterment of the community and betterment of the environment that we use for these activities.
Land Rover National Rally (LRNR)

This event was first sponsored by the Solihull Society in the summer of 1992 as an event in cooperation with the Utah Land Rover Club.  As part of the initial concept the event was held in alternate years between Moab, UT and multiple sites throughout Colorado. The event has grown from a few avid Land Rover owners to a nationally recognized and attended Land Rover enthusiast.  These enthusiasts and their families travel from all over the country (from Florida to Alaska) to  congregate at the LRNR to participate in Rally event. Key events include:  novice driver education, running trails, vendor day, a work project all culminating in the finale banquet. Trails traversed during the Rally represent a variety of driver difficulty ratings led by trained and experience volunteer Trail-leaders. Vendor sponsors of the Rally interact with participants on the trails and at the Vendor Night in combination with the Raffle event.  Instituted last year was a work project involving LRNR participants in a project that gives back to the community sponsoring the Event.  All experiences and situations during the Rally are catalogued in slides and videos displayed at the Event with key awards presented at the Finale Banquet.

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